One of the most important things in heavy music is the guitar and bass sound. Artists often find it tricky to nail the guitar/bass sound the first time but if you have recorded a clean DI signal of your performance, we can reamp your tracks and bring you the sound you are looking for.

With our collection of the classics and modern day favorites we can work closely with you to dial  a sound that will fit the needs of your project.


See our GEAR LIST for more information on our amps, pedals and cabinets. Our collection of guitars and basses can also be used by our engineers to re-record your material if needed and if possible. More information on this can be found at our FULL PRODUCTIONS PAGE.


We reamp your tracks per sound. For a custom dialed sound to your liking we charge 60 euros per guitar/bass sound.

All prices are tax inclusive, therefore you pay no hidden fees.